Welcome to the Lazy Y Vintage!

Welcome to the Lazy Y Vintage Shop! Jim and  I are offering unique, beautiful (and not so beautiful) vintage pieces for your home, garden, office, and/or dinner table. As a thoughtful gift, or as part of your collections; we offer competitive prices, good, thoughtful descriptions and will answer all your questions within 24 hours. And, Jim will make sure that your purchases arrive in very good condition and as quick as possible.

In our shop you will find some current trends in decorating, and many classics that are collected and admired as timeless. We are Ecogeeks and believe in reduce, reuse, and recycle. By decorating or using vintage, you are helping in this cause. As well as finding one of kind pieces for your home decor. 

You have to appreciate the workmanship that has gone into the early manufacturing of or the artistry in creating an item that has made it through the years. We like it even more when it comes with a story; a bit of history. We find it so satisfying to keep vintage and antique items moving through history; through our journey to your adventure.

Our time is spent together whether it is working in the garden, hiking in the woods, or babysitting the grandbabies. I love to cook and bake and Jim likes to eat (and he does the dishes). And we both love to read. Going into to business together was easy; but there is an occasional argument that nobody wins. 

The name of the shop, the Lazy Y Vintage is all Jimmy. He loves cows. As a kid his family had 30 acres outside of Elgin, IL in the small town of Pingree Grove with cows. That dream was replaced with driving a truck for 20 years and working as a production supervisor; so many mouths to feed after all. But he wanted a ranch, lots of cows and he was going to call it the Lazy Y.

Our home is full of furniture I have refinished or has been passed down from Grandma Ruby. The flower pots we use outside are all used vessels that look and feel wonderful and make me smile. When I need a table or new lamps, we are off to the resale shops or antique markets, and occasionally a barn sale!

Enjoy your time shopping at the Lazy Y Vintage. We enjoy the time and processes it takes to create it as we continue on this journey together called Life. Thanks for dropping by.

P.S. The shop’s banner is a bridge at the Town of Linn Community Nature Park in Lake Geneva, WI. It is a 160 acre nature park that I worked to help restore to oak savannas, tallgrass prairies, and pothole wetlands. In 2010, two of these bridges were installed over the stream and wet areas to make the trails and park accessible for all. I wrote grants and worked with the Town of Linn Park Committee.

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